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JosÚ Manuel Villanueva (Founding partner of PRIVALIA)

  • The e-commerce is growing at rates above 40% in recent years. Specifically in 2008 sold more than 2 billion euros in Internet products and services (travel, insurance, fashion ...), a 46% more than in 2007.

  • The e-commerce in Spain will be a textile market 200 million euros in 2009 and annual increases experienced over 40%.

  • In Europe, significant brand can hope to sell on-line, most immediately in the future, between 5 and 10% of its turnover. In Privalia, the sale occurs during 4 days (2 - 4 times per year).

  • This sale is bounded in time, does not interfere on the regular channels for the sale of the brand (the channel full price which is the real business of the brand).

  • The campaigns have reached record sales of 50,000 units in 4 days (depending always brand and product assortment offered).

  • The return rate is less than 3%.

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