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Anne Lise Kjaer (The future of Luxury + 2015)

  • Luxury brands of the future will be based on ethical principles. Empathetic leadership and ethical message constitute the essence of luxury brands of the future. Will not explain that, act. The performance will be the best channel to demonstrate their ethical values.

  • Luxury brands must move in the triangle stable high quality and value for money green (sustainability, ecology ...).

  • The future is creative thinking. The pre and post industrial revolution was based on analytical and rational thought. The future will be more based on creative thinking, intuitive, emotion, feelings, values and spirituality .

  • It will reward companies with clear strategies, well defined, consistent and transparent exercise with customers, suppliers and the company Human Resources.

  • GLOCALISATION. Address the world from the cultural values and personality of the roots. Tapping the local cultural capital to project to the world.

  • Integrating technology. The future requires us to understand and use technology as a tool for promotion and socialization. The technology offers a new world to explore.

  • Those things are increasingly looking for more genuine. The society is too fast and people want to return to the essence, and true basics.

  • The nature (fresh & wild) represents a future trend. The challenge: to break the existing rules. Create new concepts.

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